Alar Pargulf Construction's Safety Training and Consulting
Nothing is of greater importance than Safety, Training and Security
Since 2013
    Identifying Risks and Reducing Accidents to Improve Site Productivity and Project ROI.
    Providing training to the Construction Industry which provides instruction for workers and employers on the recognition, avoidance, abatement, and prevention of safety and health hazards in workplaces in the construction industry.
  3. FDNY Approved Courses
    FDNY Approved Courses
    S-56 FDNY Construction Site Fire Safety Manager Training. F-80 FDNY Coordinator of Fire Safety & Alarm Systems in Homeless Shelter Training. F-89 FDNY Fire Life and Safety Director Training.
Alar Pargulf Construction Services Inc. is a family run business, who believes in providing top quality customer service. Our headquarters is located in Industry City, Brooklyn, New York. We provide a full line of professional services including Construction Site Safety Management, Consulting, FDNY and Safety training.

At Alar Pargulf Construction Services Inc., we know that success in the construction process hinges on the builder’s ability to work with the owner, architect and consultant to achieve goals for each project and the ability to analyze and forecast promptly and accurately. 

“At Alar Pargulf Construction Services Inc., we believe that successful companies are like lasting buildings: the values of their foundation allow them to withstand the test of time. It begins with a thorough understanding of the client's needs and a personal commitment to superior workmanship and professional services.” 

If your looking for that commitment and partnership, then Alar Pargulf Construction Services Inc. is the company for you.

“Anything worth doing, is worth doing right.” 
― Hunter S. Thompson  
Our Services
At Alar Pargulf Construction Services we offer a full array of Construction, Maritime and General Industry Training, FDNY Approved Training and more. We specialize in  Construction Site Safety Management, Codes and Zoning  services. Above are a few of our many satisfied  clients.