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FDNY Fire Life and Safety Director Training 11 Hour Non- Fire Emergencies Course (F-89/ T-89)    

Course Length

11 Hour Non- Fire Emergencies ( Includes EAP, Actie Shooter and Medical EmergencyPreparedness)




$260.00 per person
(Discounted Group Rates are Available


Please see the below link that directs you to the FDNY website for detailed information on qualifications and detailed flow charts on the certifying proces.

Course Overview

All FLS Director candidates must complete the 31-hour FLS Director training course from one of the FDNY certified schools or organizations before taking the two (fire and non-fire) FDNY computer based exams. 

The 31-hour FLS Director training courses shall include 2 major components: (1) General Topic and Fire Emergency course (previous FSD) (20 hours); (2) Non-Fire Emergencies EAP course and ASMEP course (11 hours). New candidates may take the two components separately; however, the second course should be completed within 3 months from the date listed on the first course diploma.
Candidates must attend all training classes to be eligible to take the required training course’s final examinations for the 2  sections. School Graduation Diploma will be issued after the candidate(s) obtains a passing score of 70% for each final exam. Candidates shall be allowed two (2) opportunities to pass each exam. Candidates who fail the final examination on the second attempt shall be required to re-attend the course in its entirety.

The Graduation Diploma is valid for  9 MONTHS. A valid diploma is required to take the FDNY Fire component computer based exams.

Computer based exams

Candidates must pass the FLS Director Fire (FSD) Component computer based exam, administered by the FDNY, within 9 months of successfully completing the FLS Director training course.

Candidates must pass the second FLS Director Non-Fire emergency (EAP) Component computer based exam, administered by the FDNY, within nine 9 months of passing the fire component of an FLS Director computer based examination.

Which Course Do I Need​​

Different candidates may require different components of the FLS Director curriculum:

Brand New Candidates - 31- hour FLS Director courses (2 components)

Candidates who failed the FDNY Fire Component CBT twice - 20-hour “FLS Director: General Topics and Fire Emergency” course

Candidates who failed the FDNY Non-Fire Component CBT twice- 11-hour “FLS Director: Non-Fire Emergencies ( includes EAP + ASMEP” courses (2 components: 7 hours and 4 hours)